Lyrical Life Lessons

Lyrical Life Lessons is my ‘passion project’ launching in March 2018.

The site itself will be a visual feast of artworks influenced by lyrics, combined with mental health advice, experiences and interviews with creatives discussing their own mental health and the power music and lyrics can have on our emotions.

I am currently in the process of building the site and gathering content but this is very much a project where the more people contribute and spread the word, the better and bigger it will become. We should all be able to discuss mental health as easily as we discuss music!

To celebrate the launch of the site there will be two great events to come along to:

The first will be a launch gig on Tuesday, March 27th at Stereo in Glasgow (line up details soon).

The second will be an exhibition of artworks produced in conjunction with GAMH youth group workshops in Feb & March. More details on that soon.

All sound good? Want to get involved?

Click here to complete a form about lyrics that inspire you and tell us more about your lyrical life lesson.

Are you an artist/designer/maker with a passion for music? I’d love to get more collaborations and variety of media on the site. Please drop me a message to hello @ and we’ll make it happen.

Band/musician? – I’d love to talk to you about your lyrics and those that inspire you. The process of distilling feeling into words fascinates me. Let’s talk. Drop me an email.

Spread the word!!!! The site won’t be online until the end of March but until then there will be news/updates and sneak peeks via social media. The twitter account is @life_lyrical and the insta is

Be part of this exciting and important project and join me in celebrating the power of lyrics and music on mental health.

It’s more than words.

Caishnah aka Lola Polooza