I often get asked if I do commissions and, yes, occasionally I do. I love hearing about why a particular venue is important to you or a loved one and what special memories it evokes.

So, when I have the time in my schedule, I love to create drawings of these places for you. Created in my signature ink sketch style, I work closely with you and keep you involved throughout the process of selecting suitable photographic references (if you can provide these I’ll love you forever) and designing on layout etc.

Solid Rock, Hope St, Glasgow

I take care to work within your budget (commissions can be as affordable as £45 for an A4 size drawing) and, assuming there’s availability, these are produced within approx. 3-4 weeks).

Please contact me at hello @ to talk through some options.

I found the commission process very straightforward and I was kept well informed of progress. I was impressed by how much research went into my request, and I was given several rough sketches to choose my final design from. 

S. Morrison